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Review Date:August 05, 2019
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Playboy is one of those names that everyone knows and the second you hear it the vision of hot naked chicks jumps into your head. However, for whatever reason, Playboy had never really worked hard on their online image. Sure, they had some sites, but until recently they weren’t all that good. Now with the re-launch of Playboy Plus Playboy has finally stepped up and shown what they are capable of doing.

This site is big with over 4,000 videos and picture galleries. All of this content is exclusive to this site. The site is also updated multiple times during the week so there is always some fresh, hot naked babes to enjoy.

As you would expect with Playboy the overall quality of the girls is through the roof. They spend a lot of time and money finding the hottest of the hotties and it shows. Every girl here is stunning. The site features Playmates, feature girls (like college girls and girls of spring break etc.) as well as Playmates of the Year. The videos range in length but they show the girls in all kinds of hot situations from rolling around on a bed to washing a car.

This hot action is brought to you in some great looking videos that are at least DVD quality and have a very clean, clear picture. You can watch them in online streams or you can download them in MP4 format. The pictures are average in size, but they are pro-quality digital stills that look amazing. You can download the full galleries in .zip files if you want.

Playboy Plus is an easy to use site. You simply select to browse the videos or the picture galleries. There is also a models’ directory that allows you to search for your favorite girl and easily find all of her videos or pictures. To celebrate what the site has become they are now offering 50% off the cost of a membership so you can get full access for just $14.95 per month.

It may have taken Playboy a little time to get it together, but in the end this site delivers. There is a ton of hot girls, great looking pics and videos and regular updates to keep things hot. If you are a fan of Playboy or that style of soft core content, you must check this site out.

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